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Welcome back to The Wave of Things! Here you can find out about recent news from the dark alternative & new wave music sphere. The video above covers basically the same as the text below.

Rain to Rust, Goth Rock from Istanbul

Rain to Rust is a new formation from Istanbul. Their debut album ‘Flowers of Doubt’, including eight tracks, was recently released. It is classic goth rock with great instrumentation. Listen to it on Bandcamp or on Spotify.


Daria Leere Back with EP

Solo musician Daria Leere, originally from St. Petersburg, now resident in Berlin, is back with the EP Ljod, which means “ice” in Russian. Eight new tracks, sung in Russian and German, as usual experimental and a bit disturbing.


Mecanica Release Bonanza Banzai Anthology

Mecanica Records released a to 500 pieces limited double LP with songs from the early years of Hungarian cult band Bonanza Bonzai.

Often called the “Hungarian Depeche Mode”, Bonanza Banzai existed from the late 80s till the mid-90s, during that time becoming the maybe most influential Hungarian band of all times. On the double vinyl you can enjoy hits like ‘Induljon a Banzaj’ among 21 other great songs of the path-breaking band.


High Powered Leroy, Unearthed

High Powered Leroy was a three piece band from California which existed only from 1995-1996. Now, 23 years later, the five songs they had recorded back then, have been remastered and digitally re-released. It is an interesting blend of math rock and post-rock.


Paradox Obscure’s Artifact for Free

It is already two years, since Greek darkwave duo Paradox Obscur released their already legendary album ‘Artifact’. For this occasion this album is – for a limited time – available for free on Bandcamp! Also, Paradox Obscur announced that they are in the final stage of working on their next opus.


Linea Aspera Are Back

Linea Aspera was a darkwave duo formed in London, which existed from 2011-2013. Zoè Zanias, one half of Linea Aspera, continued to make music with the project Keluar, and after their split-up formed the solo project Zanias. In June this year the album ‘Preservation Bias’ came out, “a compilation of lost songs and rarities from Linea Aspera”, a big surprise for many. An even bigger surprise is Linea Aspera’s announcement for a European tour from November to January.


The Mysterious Ungoogable-s

The mysterious (((S)))(“Ungoogable-s”) returns from the cold and windy streets of Copenhagen with the brand-new album ‘Black Dog’. The album consists of eight tracks, as usual heavily influenced by classic post-punk, this time the songs are longer than in his previous records and have a minimum of vocals.


David Hasselhoff: Cool as Ever

David Hasselhoff, the hero of our childhood, is a cool actor, but also has a great voice and can look back to a fruitful music career, which he mostly celebrated in Europe, most notably in Germany, due to the Schlager character of his songs. David has a good music taste as well, as his new album ‘Open Your Eyes’ showcases. He did several covers from exquisite new wave artists, like Modern English, A Flock of Seagulls, or The Jesus and Mary Chain. A highlight of this album is a Hasselhoff-version of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, where he also sings in German.


The Bad Seeds Surprise with New Album

On his 62nd birthday two weeks ago Nick Cave announced the release of a new Bad Seeds album, titled ‘Ghosteen‘. It is a double album, very calm, similar to their last release Skeleton Tree.


Affet Robot – Fırtına

From the music, I have stumbled recently upon, the most noteworthy is the Turkish project Affet Robot. I found the song ‘Fırtına’ through a YouTube suggestion. At first it reminded me of Japanese musician Nao Katafuchi but then I realised that it was sung in Turkish.


Blu.Sine – Dež

Slovene trip-hop band Blu.Sine are back with the song ‘Dež’, which means “rain”. The video that goes along with it, is in a typical Blu.Sine manner, visually appealing and expressionistic, while singer Urška’s voice is moving the listener’s inner world, even when you don’t understand a word of Slovene.


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