Top 13 East-Central European Synthpop

Synthpop was never only big in the English speaking world. Almost every European country has developed an interesting synthpop influenced scene in the 80s and 90s, some even “their own personal” Depeche Mode similes. It’s time for a list of synthpop pearls from East-Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on songs

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What happened to… Algebra Suicide?

The late 70s and early 80s have been a fruitful time for the creation of interesting and creative music, which was generally categorized under terms as “new wave”, “darkwave” and “post-punk”. That makes it difficult to explain, what music and philosophy these genres represent. Those musicians saw that the music

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Ádám Bérces · Cold Minimal Electronics from Hungary

One thing I really like about minimal wave music is that it is de-centralized. That means, there are many musicians out there, singing in their mother tongue, which is not always English. This gives us also access to more exotic language regions. After a minimal wave concert in Budapest around

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