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There can never be enough Polish coldwave. Recenty, I came across some coldwave bands from Poland, which I am going to introduce to you in another chapter on Zimna Fala: The Shipyard, Schröttersburg, Manta Birostris and Liście.

If you missed my other articles on Polish coldwave, or you don’t know yet, what Zimna Fala is, here are the links to the previous chapters: 1, 2, 3.

The Shipyard

Piotr Pawłowski, founding member of the band Made in Poland, founded a side-project in 2011 in the Tricity (Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia). Inspired by the scent of the sea and the sound of bent harbour steel they named the band The Shipyard. Their sound is a blend of classical coldwave, shoegaze and alternative rock. Recently, the album Water on Mars was released.


Schröttersburg is the German name of the city of Płock, where the member of this band originate. Their motto is “Kunst! Lärm! Punk!” (Art! Noise! Punk!), listen to their song ‘Krew’, it has a nice flow!

Manta Birostris

Manta Birostris is a Polish coldwave band situated in Warsaw. They recently released their album Tasamouth. Their sound is rather harsh and experimental. I recommend you to listen to the song ‘Krew za Krew’.


Liście were formed in 2014 as a side project of Józef Ost. They recently released their début Niszowe Kino Węgierskie. Experimental sound, they seem to be inspired by Swans and Sunn O))).


Dear readers from Poland, if you know good Polish coldwave bands, please, feel free to post their names and music to the comments below. Dziękuję bardzo!

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      1. dit says:

        This is a Polish project founded in 2011 by Pawel Gozdziewicz. Currently a duo with Arek Ksiazczak on the bass guitar. So far we’ve released 5 EPs and at the moment we’re working on extending our latest one – ‘teraz i jutro ep” into a full LP. You can find all our music at https://dogsintrees.bandcamp.com/


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