Savetier’s New Wave Journey

europeanghostJuly 2016 – finally I could make my dream come true: Travel to Northern Italy and meet all the great bands, about which I have been writing for years, in person. Through these I also got to know other musicians from that region.

On July 16th I picked up Cyrene in Ljubljana and together we started our road-trip towards Bologna. The next seven days were filled with meeting fascinating people and listening to their awesome stories. We enjoyed the company of Caron Dimonio, Two Moons, European Ghost, Temple of Venus, BeStrass, Dade City Days, Schonwald/Shad Shadows, Tetrolugosi, Modern Blossom and The Black Veils. The result is the following recording of over an hour. Nothing was scripted, you will see the musicians how they really are. Enjoy!

Here you can find an interview the Italian webzine Flux made with me about the film.


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