An Alternative Christmas Playlist 2013

Christmas is approaching and also some snow fell today. I appreciate neither nor. The most annoying thing on Christmas is not its superficiality, let alone the mindless consuming. No, you somehow can escape that – somehow. What bugs me even more is ‘Christmas music’. Fortunately, I am sitting now in

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Ádám Bérces · Cold Minimal Electronics from Hungary

One thing I really like about minimal wave music is that it is de-centralized. That means, there are many musicians out there, singing in their mother tongue, which is not always English. This gives us also access to more exotic language regions. After a minimal wave concert in Budapest around

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Dressed in Black · On Dark Culture

The term ‘subculture’ is in sociology, anthropology and cultural studies defined as a group of people within a culture, which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong (Samovar 1998: 50). In other definitions the term ‘co-culture’ is preferred, “because it calls attention to the idea of dual

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