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Drinking Coffee to Write Articles about Music to Drink Coffee to


The following article is rather a lament than an essay.

First precondition: I love to spend my spare time in coffee-houses. It is not only about the coffee, the whole atmosphere inspires me. I use the time to chat, draw, read or write something and to also take part in social life. How developed a coffee-house-culture of a country is, shows much about the style a sociotope is designed. A more detailed article on the coffee-house and its importance I published some time ago.

Second precondition: As you know, I am very specific about music, which means, it matters to me. There is a lot of music out there, which I don’t like at all, and there is some, which I adore. I try to escape the shiny world of pop whenever I can.

The dilemma: I cannot avoid being exposed to superficial pop-music while sitting in a coffee-house. This really bugs me. Okay, there might be some old-school ones without any background sound (like many Viennese coffee-houses) and some play classical music. But they are rare nowadays. Read More →

The Perpetual Appeal of the Coffee House

SacherThroughout Europe many cities are popular for a café/bar-culture, e.g. Vienna, L’viv, Prague, Kraków and Ljubljana, to name only a few. In urban centres people like to spend their spare time in locales to socialise with other people. It is important to point out that “[c]afés are places where we are not simply served hot beverages but are also in some way partaking of a specific form of public life” (Laurier et al 2001: 195). The bar society, which we are taking nowadays for granted, was an important step in the development of modernity. Read More →