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After I returned from my travel through Eastern Europe I found my mailbox full of interesting new music. In the articles to follow I want to introduce you to some of them.

Recently I came across a song by a German electronic music project, called Splitter. The song is called ‘Himmelsfenster’ (Engl.: Heaven’s Gate) from an EP by the same name, released in July. I was so fascinated by this piece of music that I have listened to it on repeat for some days. Of course, I don’t want to deprive you of this discovery.

Splitter is the project of a 19-year old musician from Bremen, Germany. Although he is quite young he is already actively producing music since 2010. The music of Splitter cannot be described in a few words, as it is very diverse. Actually, his music is an ingenious fusion of several known genres of electronic music, most audible ambient, acid jazz and film music. His songs “convey a sense of freedom and zero gravity, nowadays probably only found in film music” (Splitter Press Kit). Splitter makes mostly instrumental music.

Right now I am listening to the upcoming album Thea, which is going to be released on November 8th 2013 over the label Finaltune from Hamburg. Splitter understands it well how to take the listener on a musical journey through different fascinating landscapes. He describes his experience in music-making as following:

splitter2“Electronic music offers so many possibilities that I can’t find anywhere else. When I compose „Thea“ I always have a certain picture, a story or a scenery in my head – what I do then is to try and portray that through my music. I no longer see MIDI or audio tracks. I find myself right in the middle of this setting and every synth and every pad become a part of the scenery.” -SPLITTER-

The musician himself is aware that the songs on Thea are very different from each other. Still, he managed to create a monolithic album with a driving atmosphere. Therefore, it is best enjoyed by listening to the whole album at once. Yet to name some outstanding songs, ‘The Belt of Venus’, ‘Trabantenstadt’ and ‘1977-084A’ are among my favourites. The album is available for online pre-listening on Bandcamp.

Splitter on Bandcamp
Splitter on Facebook
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