Video Clips

André Savetier – Unscathed


André Savetier feat. Kriistal Ann – Anubis / The Imperative of Joy


André Savetier – The Foreigner


André Savetier – Reclusion



2016, May – The Foreigner EP
2016, Sep – A-Side: ‘Reclusion’ / B-Side: ‘Explomotion’
2017, Feb – La Danse Macabre 2 (At Sea Compilations), Song: ‘Reclusion’
2017, May – Alice’s Curiosities: A Tribute to Paul Roland (At Sea Compilations), Song: ‘Dark Carnival’
2017, Sep – Movements Sampler, Songs: ‘The Foreigner’, ‘Anubis / The Imperative of Joy’ (with Kriistal Ann)


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