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Dear readers,

right now I started my summer holiday, like every year travelling around East-Central Europe. In the next two months I will be visiting Poland (July), Slovakia and Western Ukraine (August). That means that for the next time the content of my blog will be a little bit different. It will be more like a travel journal.

Of course I also want to visit interesting concerts of local bands and other events and, of course, I am open for your suggestions! So, if you have something specific in mind, please, write me an e-mail ( or feel free to use the comments of this post.

Sincerely yours, André

About André Savetier

Since 2011 André Savetier is actively working as a music journalist with an expertise on contemporary new wave music phenomena. His scientific specialization is anthropology of music and anthropology of popular culture. Savetier remains intrigued by the interplay between the aforementioned social phenomena, the told (and untold) legends of music and its roots.

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  1. ;have a wonderful interesting journey,,, I really like Krzyztof Janczak in Poland

  2. Lány on 6th July 2013 at 14:13 said:

    Looking forward to your travel posts. Have a lovely lovely trip and return safely 🙂

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