Astari Nite – Anonymous

Artist: Astari Nite
Album: Anonymous
Genre: Post-Punk, Indie-Rock
Released: 2015

Astari Nite already managed to impress with their début Stereo Waltz, which was released last year. If you don’t know this band yet, here are some quick infos:

Astari Nite is a fresh band from Florida. Their music sometimes sounds like post-punk from the early 1980’s, then again like the contemporary indie-rock à la The Editors. Mostly it is a blend of both. If you want to get an idea of how they sound I recommend the song ‘I.O. 1987’, to which the band created a well-made video clip.

Half a year after their début Astari Nite already released their next record, an EP entitled Anonymous. Already the album cover, as can be seen above, looks promising (is it only me who has to think of Syd Barrett when looking at it?).

On Anonymous four new songs are waiting for the listener’s critical ear. In the given case the critical ear is mine and it hears joyfully that Astari Nite improved in both, skill and consistency. In these songs the indie timbre prevails, making them sound exceedingly current.

‘The Boy Who Tried’ was already released last December as a single, an awesome tune, however, I prefer the third song ‘Beautiful Vacancy’. But, as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, I want to encourage you to go to Bandcamp and check it out for yourself!


01 – Epilogue
02 – The Boy Who Tried
03 – Beautiful Vacancy
04 – Considered The Thought

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