ZX Electric – Obsolete

ZX Electric

Influenced by the analogue sound of the early 80's cassette culture, post-punk and German electronica, ZX Electric record unusual music from their flat in Liverpool. ZX Electric only use analogue equipment and sparse muted guitars. In Ben Mawdsley's own words, they "try to concentrate on the sounds and the mood rather than traditional song structures."

Their début Obsolete bears a very moving, tragically lonesome sound. On the ten songs you wouldn't hear any drums at all. The muted guitars provide the main rhythm, not always regularly, the analogue synths furnish the melodies. But the most interesting part are the vocals by Ben Mawdsley: They are so touching and sad, full of despair, remind somehow of the voice of Tom Waits. The listener gets the feeling that the singer is kneeling down on the floor with the microphone in his hands, putting over the most inner of his heart to the outside. At some moments the voice surrenders to the overwhelming analogue soundscape.

It is hard to say which song is the most outstanding on the album Obsolete. It is very organic and easily lets one drift away. Start with the first song "Conscience" and see what happens. Only, when you awake from the trance you realise that the album is already over.

You can listen to the album for free on Bandcamp.


1. Conscience 03:32
2. Connection 02:20
3. Rapid cycling 01:20
4. Crisis point 02:33
5. Darkest fears 03:12
6. Tower 01:07
7. Fate Design 03:06
8. Final Feeling 03:03
9. Attrition 02:49
10. Image 02:00

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