Ash Code – Oblivion

Ash Code – Oblivion
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If you are into darkwave music and you haven't heard yet of Ash Code, you definitely missed something. With their album Oblivion the band from Italy definitely has potential to become big. Anyway, the main country of good contemporary darkwave is without doubt now Italy.

Among the 10 tracks on Oblivion perhaps 'Dry Your Eyes' is already the most known, as there's a video clip shared around via YouTube for quite some time now. Honestly, this is an excellent song to dance to.

But there is even one better song (in my opinion), namely the title track 'Oblivion'. Slower than the aforementioned, but not less danceable.

Another interesting song is 'Empty Room'. It is faster and harsher in sound than the other two I discussed prior. The basslines round the song nicely up and perhaps even EBM-fans would dance to it.

If The Frozen Autumn, Clan of Xymox, The Neon Judgement or Suspiria, you can find traces of them all in the music of Ash Code.


01. Void
02. Waves With No Shores
03. Dry Your Eyes
04. Crucified
05. Oblivion
06. Unnecessary Songs
07. Empty Room
08. Drama
09. Want
10. North Bahnhof

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