Live 19.4.13 CPA FI SUD

Temple of Venus
Release Date

The Italian new wave duo Temple of Venus surprises their fans with a live album, recorded at the legendary CPA Firenze-Sud. The disc was produced by Swiss Dark Nights, who did a great job there. Most of the tracks of the concert are taken from their recent album Messiah Complex, but also older songs are featured.

The quality of the record is crystal clear and 11 songs will take the listener right away into the concert hall.

Live 19.4.13 CPA FI SUD can be purchased via Swiss Dark Nights or at concerts of Temple of Venus.


01 - Sugar Sandman
02 - Hide and Seek
03 - Metropolitan
04 - Hideaway
05 - Anything Inside Me
06 - Hey Stranger
07 - Sister Maniac
08 - Abstinence
09 - Unwanted
10 - The Knowledge
11 - Across the Stars

Author: André Savetier

Since 2011 André Savetier is actively working as a music journalist with an expertise on contemporary new wave music phenomena. His scientific specialization is anthropology of music and anthropology of popular culture. Savetier remains intrigued by the interplay between the aforementioned social phenomena, the told (and untold) legends of music and its roots.

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