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ZX Electric
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ZX Electric is back! Not so long time ago I reviewed their début Obsolete and was impressed. What is it about this music that makes it lacerate one's heart?

The new album is called Fixed Unknown and offers 10 new tracks. The music of ZX Electric has a message and it is able to transfer it in the most minimal way possible (without being inferior to highly produced music). I lack words to describe it. Due to its very unusual sound, some might even call it 'weird' or 'strange'. It's mostly just simple guitar riffs and synth melodies, no drums. And vocals that will make you cry. However, one thing it definitely has, which I miss in most of contemporary music: soul.

ZX Electric is like an olive – perhaps you don't like the taste in the beginning, but once you've acquired it, it is a delicacy. I suppose that hipsters would rather like it, although the music of ZX Electric spares us any hipsterish sub-tones. I recommend to listen to 'Sorrow Story', 'Amnesia' and 'Altered States'.


1. Sorrow Story
2. Fracture Torture
3. Together Alive
4. Tricyclic
5. Fortune Defied
6. Steel and Glass
7. Mind and Soul
8. Moves in shadows
9. Amnesia
10. Altered States

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