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Modern Blossom is a synth-wave duo from Italy. Right now they are working on their second album, which shall be released in the near future (“early summer”). The album to be discussed in the following – Beg For More – is already some years old, but I think it is worth to be listened to.

Modern Blossom's debut album consists of seven songs, which are characterized by driving synth rhythms, interesting drum-arrangements and distorted, somber vocals. Project Pitchfork's Daimonion comes to my mind.

The first tacts of the first track 'A Common Poetry' are reminiscent of Genesis' 'The Brazilian', but change to an unexpected tune after a minute or so. It is a well thought-of piece, nicely arranged and intriguing. The more often you listen to it, you will always find some details, you didn't realize yet.

The next five songs do not surprise with innovation, but are solid, and admirers of dark synthesizer music will find them great, for sure. 'Bloodline, Red Flies' is here the most convincing track.

Let's come now to the last song 'Velvet Shoulders', a song for which to describe I lack of proper adjectives. “Great” or “original”, perhaps “cutting-edge”, but these all are still not sufficient. Two and a half minutes the song is quite slow and minimalistic, then it suddenly explodes through an added dubstep drum loop into something so wonderful. The dynamic drums fit smoothly to this anthem. After five minutes 'Velvet Shoulders' changes another time, the end is near. The song and the album end with a long fade out, which gives the listener some time to come down a little but – only to re-listen to the last song, to make sure that something like this really exists.


01. A Common Poetry
02. Beg For More
03. A Sickness Called Faith
04. Bloodline, Red Flies
05. Last Act
06. I Don't Own You
07. Velvet Shoulders

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