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Lately I have been quite busy and didn’t find much time to write some articles on theses pages. This shall change now. Finally, I owe you some news on music.

Firstly, Hungarian minimal wave artist Ádám Bérces, Slovakian goth-punks Hysteric Helen finally released their debut albums. I am already quite busy writing some reviews and will keep you, of course, informed, when they will be published.

Minimal artist ZX Electric released his second album Fixed Unknown, a review on this you can find here. Italian darkwavers Christine Plays Viola were also busy and revealed to us their new masterpiece Vacua.

In the following I will present you some new singles and bands, which you might enjoy.

New Singles


Minimal wave

Italian minimal wave band Schonwald put out another good single called ‘Fuchsia’. Nothing bad can come from this duo, it seems. With ‘Fuchsia’ they definitely can tie in with the success of their masterpiece ‘Mercurial’.

Schonwald - Fuchsia

Calling All Astronauts

Gothic rock/Punk

One of my first reviews I ever wrote was about the debut single of Calling All Astronauts. Since then they released a lot of singles and an album. CAA are known for making social-critic, dynamic ear-worms, so also their new piece ‘It Could Have Been Lust’.

Calling All Astronauts - It could have been lust - FREE DOWNLOAD

Collapse Under The Empire


While its first peak was in the mid-90’s, post-rock definitely has a renaissance.Collapse Under The Empire from Hamburg, Germany, made a fusion of post-rock and ambient and could open new doors for the genre.

Collapse Under The Empire - Stairs To The Redemption (Postrock)

New Bands

In the last months I got a lot of mails from new bands and their promoters in the area of post-punk/new wave music and would like to introduce you to some of them in the following.

Ash Code


A new highlight on the music skies is Italian duo Ash Code, consisting of Alessandro and Claudia SchöneNacht. Their single ‘Dry Your Eyes’ is powerful and immediately became a favourite of mine. For everybody, who loves darkwave music, Ash Code is a new revelation.

Ash Code - Dry Your Eyes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Post-Punk/Indie Rock

coldwaveYes, there is now a band called Coldwave. However, the band has not much to do with the genre of the same name. Italian band from Ancona, Coldwave, rather plays indie rock with post-punk influences and is quite reminiscent of Editors (just listen to the vocals). They recently released an EP consisting of four tracks.

Coldwave: If you turn to look

We Are Us

Indie Rock/Punk

we are usWe Are Us are Silvio Pasqualini and Maddalena Zavatta from Rimini, Italy. Their music is a blend of indie rock and punk. Their EP And This Is You, consisting of three songs, can be listened to for free here. The male and female vocals harmonize greatly.


Android punk

You don’t know what android punk is? I also didn’t until I found the music of AustraliA, a duo from Pisa, Italy (duos seem to be well functioning there!). The vocals are completely distorted, synths meet distorted guitars. It is hard to describe, so listen for yourself:

AustraliA - So You Think I Could Really Use Somebody

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