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Mike Rotts is a melomaniac from London, actively pursuing a full-time career and attending a wide range of live music concerts all over the UK. Eventually, his music addiction brought Mike to Ticket Select ( The site’s slogan — ‘one search, all tickets’ — immediately appealed to Mike’s active music lifestyle, and right now, he is one of the most active members of our growing team. Rotts happily shares his experience about the latest concerts and conveys his thoughts on the most promising bands that are yet to perform in the United Kingdom. In addition to that, Mike is always willing to review some of the leading local venues he’s been to.

Post-Punk: A View from Those Who Fell in Love in the 90s

iancurtis1These days, when fewer and fewer people interested in rock music know what it feels like to live without an Internet connection at home, I would like to take a quick nostalgic leap back into the days when it all begun – for me, at least. It’s not like I feel old (even though back in the early 2000s, I would definitely consider my present self an old, terribly old and terribly boring man), but it’s kind of funny how the digital natives generation explores completely different paths to rock music. Read More →