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As my musical review of the year 2012, the top 10 songs and albums, got quite some attention, I wanted to write about the label, which produced most of the mentioned musicians. It is called afmusic and is situated in Germany. On their homepage we can see that it exists since 2008. Since then it had a kickstart and got quite some reputation, which makes it “germany’s most innovative label for dark wave, independent and gothic and within germany unique in this field.”

chemicalwaves_thegarden250What I like most about afmusic is that the fans “can listen to the records for free on, download them in top-quality at a bargain price or buy ‘real’ CDs.” When I first browsed through some albums on their homepage the music struck a chord. There is already a convincing number of albums by uprising musicians available (not only from Germany), which all have their unique musical style.

If you do not know the label afmusic yet, I strongly suggest a visit at their homepage, where you can browse through the songs or, even better, get the consummate compilation Quintessenz.

afm170_tongue_atthebeginning250I particularly want to mention some musicians from afmusic, who left an impression on me. As you already might know from my review of 2012, I became a fan of Chemical Waves, with their unique sound of sample darkwave, the Bulgarian martial industrial/post-rock band Voyvoda and Czech deathrockers Tongue (those links will refer you to a site, where you can listen to these bands and download their albums).

I also want to advert to afmusic‘s recent release by the band Aeon Sable. It is hard to find words for their style, so I suggest you make your own picture by listening to the album Saturn Return here.


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