A Hat is Merely a Crown That Lets No Rain in


Far from being a talented tailor, I had the idea to make a hat by myself. Also because they are quite expensive if you want a good one. All you need is about 10 Euros, an old sweat-shirt and some patience. There are many ways how to make a hat. This is how I did it.

1. On this pic you can see what I will use. Basically you need scissors, needle and thread, thicker paper and a tape. Not on the picture are an old sweat shirt (or any kind of fabric) and a ribbon for the finishing.


2. I cut out two oval shapes for the basis of the hat. The measurements I take from an existing hat.


3. After that I cut out the inner part of the oval after the size of my head. The inner part I will keep for later use. The long sheet of paper will be the main part of the hat. The paper I bought is not thick enough, so I take everything double.


4. For a top hat I would have needed twice the height. I cut out the shape as can be seen above.


5. Then I put all the parts together and try it on, to see if everything fits properly. The cut-out part from before I glue on top.


6. Of course I would like to wear this hat also when it is raining or snowing. Therefore – and also to make it more stable – I put tape around everything. For the uneven parts I use an iron to flatten it.


7. Now the sewing part begins. The main part of the hat gets a “cap”.


8. I glue the fabric on the hat’s basis and sew the two parts together. After that I combine the basis and the main part with needle and thread.


9. To make the top part and the outer part nicer I glue the ribbon on the hat with the glue gun. This takes quite some patience. With an iron I flatten the ribbon.

10. Voilà – here we go! Now try it yourself and tell me how it was.


About André Savetier

Since 2011 André Savetier is actively working as a music journalist with an expertise on contemporary new wave music phenomena. His scientific specialization is anthropology of music and anthropology of popular culture. Savetier remains intrigued by the interplay between the aforementioned social phenomena, the told (and untold) legends of music and its roots.

One Thought on “A Hat is Merely a Crown That Lets No Rain in

  1. Beautiful creation – it’s not possible to tell you made it yourself! The ironing seems to be a crucial part here to achieve the smooth outcome. Hey People, be careful with that step, don’t melt your tape to your iron! A sheet of baking paper might come in handy 🙂

    I’d love to find some notes on measurements here. I do love a good DIY, but without any reference (I’m sure there’s a bunch of people, who don’t own a well-fitting hat to take the measurements off) it often gets quite complex to get it right. Also, I bet a lot of people aren’t able to design a good oval from scratch. Remember the maths lessons you skipped? Now you know why you should’ve been there the first hand.

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